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скачать E-mu Proteus pack BETTER

The Proteus 2000 is a reincarnation of the economic Proteus rack moduleseries of the early nineties. While its synthesis architecture is virtually the sameas the original Proteus, the Proteus 2000 is packed with major new features, soundsand expandability for the most demanding professionals!

скачать e-mu proteus pack

This made me remember that I don't remember what I have. I've always wanted to pick this up, because I had the X3 and some packs for it from them. I'm about to sell a bunch of my stuff, but I'm going to try and make libraries first using my Maschine. I hope I didn't miss the deal.

Plus, there is a Free Bonus PAK automatically included with most Band-in-a-Box for Windows 2023 packages, but for more even more Add-ons (including 60 Unreleased RealTracks!) upgrade it to the 2023 49-PAK for only $49. You can see the full lists of items in each package, and listen to demos here.

PIANO:Yamaha 9ft Grand, Grand Piano Y-LP1, Clavinova P6 and Yamaha C5 used alltogether and tuned for the best performance as well as some piano instruments of unidentified origin (sorry for all the people that worked hard on all those samples, i simply lost track. The misc piano instruments came out of E-MU Proteus 2000 samples package with minor/major tweaks. There is also Clavinova Grand from one of the famous soundfonts.

GUITARS:Enormous FG460s II Live Guitar Pack (complete recommendation!), Kamac Distortion Guitar and "Overdrive Guitar" the changes were major here and included samples swapping, Narubasso... sf2?, LesPaul guitars pack, Jackson Distortion Guitar....

WINDS:UoI Trumpet NV4 + Roland trumpet, Trombone from Crisis, Custom(ly) made Trumpet Muted, French Horns from soundfont package that I happened to find on my HDD, Tweaked "Flute (TB)", Ethan's Bassoon, CLARINET, Piccolo CK....

Anyway, not sure why the file got named SQ1GMPAT but for ScummVM it has to be either 4.PAT in the game directory or SQ1_GM.PAT in extras path. If anyone wants to use DOSBox and the GM DRV files, it has to be the first option. There's a READ.ME in the package that explains things pretty well. I'm quite happy with the result, PC-speaker and FM-synth music is how I remember my first contact with Sierra games but I have to say General MIDI is nice too.

akai DR8-DR16 2.32.zipAkai S3200 V1 IS am27c010.zipAkai S3200 V1 MS am27c010.zipALESIS_MIDIVERB1_04-07-1986.zipalesis_quadraverb_plus_gt.zipART_MULTIVERB_ALPHA_SE_V1_04.zipAuslese_Log_Text zu Dynacord DRP20X_Host V4.2.zipAuslese-Log_Text zu Dynacord DRP20_Host V4.0.zipBehringer FCB1010.zipcasio_ctk750.zipcasio_pt280.zipDynacord ADS - Version 2.00.zipElka CR-99 - Version 2.zipEmagic Unitor8 MKII 2.04.zipEmax 2 93c06 standard memory.zipEMU EMAX2 ic19 AM27C64.zipE-MU Proteus 1 XR v2.03.zipE-MU Vintage Keys Plus 2.00.zipEMU-ESI-32.zipEmulator 2+ not signed IC28 2764.zipe-mu-proteus-2k-flash-analysis.zipEnsoniq EPS KPC2 v2.31a 27c256.zipEnsoniq EPS KPC2 v2.33 27c256.zipEnsoniq VFX KPC2 v2.22 27c256.zipEnsoniqts10v202.zipEnsoniqts12v305.zipEnsoniqZRv300.zipfriendchip_src_at.v200.zipH3500_DFX.zipKAWAI K1r v1.4.zipKAWAI MM-16.zipkawai_gb1.zipKORG M1 IC32 D23C512.zipKorgPolySixMIDI.zipKurzSetupv500.zipKurzv387J.zipKurzweil k2000 OS V3.01J.zipKX firmware.ziplist.txtOberheim DPX1 1.5 Low 27256.zipPG-1000 OS 1.01.zipPG-1000 OS 3.0.zippsr2000roms.zipQuasimidi_Sirius_v203.zipQuasimidi_Siriusv205a.zipRaven Max V2.zipREX50 V1-1 07-87.zipRoland S-750 1.02 27c256.zipRoland SC55mkII.zipRoland SC88 Version 1.01.zipRoland SCB55_MKII.zipRoland SCC1 Control Rom.zipRoland SCC1-Card.zipRoland SCC1-SCC1A_Roms.zipRoland SCC55_IC23.zipRoland SRV-2000 - Version 1.2-2.zipRoland SRV-2000 - Version 1.4.zipRoland SRV-2000 - Version 1.5.ziproland_d70.zipRoland_D-70_v1.09.zipRoland_GR-1_v1.03.ziproland_u110_u220.zipsuzuki_sx500_siel_dk70_cartridge.zipWill Systems MAB-303.zipyamaha_dx7_(original_maskrom).zipyamaha_dx7_voicerom_cartridges.zipYamaha_PSR-2000.zipyamaha_psr230.zipyamaha_psr280.zipyamaha_psr350.zipyamaha_psr530.zipyamaha_psr730.zipyamaha_pss390.zipyamaha_pss480_pss580.zipyamaha_pss595.zipYamaha_TF1_iN0104-2.zipYamaha-DX9-IG11470-YA3128.zipZoom 8080

FilenameSize 360 MIDI Bass (EPROMs, alternate set).zip64.57 KB AAC_Tiracon_6V.zip7.11 KB ADA MP-1 2.01.zip7 KB AKAI MPC3000 - Mansell Labs OS Vailixi 3.50 (CFW).zip550.63 KB ALESIS_MIDIVERB1_04-07-1986.zip717 bytes AMS RMX 16 v3.2.zip1.02 MB ARP ProSoloist (PROM board B and C).zip1.01 KB ART_FXR.zip20.1 KB ART_MULTIVERB_ALPHA_SE_V1_04.zip43.54 KB ART_MULTIVERB_alpha2_EPROM_Firmware_v2.02.zip35.74 KB ART_SGE-MACH-II_ROM_v1.20.zip41.26 KB ART_SGE-MACH-II_ROM_v1.22.zip41.31 KB ART_SGE-MACH-II_ROM_v1.24_ICU94.zip41.99 KB ART_alpha2_se_EPROM_Firmware_v103_27c1001.zip43.55 KB Access Music GmbH-access_virus_c_6v6.zip397.66 KB Access Virus B (am29f040b_4v9).zip194.77 KB Access Virus C (am29f040b_6v6).zip202.92 KB Akai - CD3000XL - OSv2.00 [27c040].zip134.82 KB Akai - MPC4000 - OSv1.51.zip1.62 MB Akai-S700_V1_6_128.zip18.77 KB Akai - S3000XL - OSv1.06.zip350.7 KB Akai - S3000XL - OSv1.50.zip361.8 KB Akai - S5000_S6000 - OSv2.14.zip400.86 KB Akai - Z4_Z8 - OSv1.45.zip885.38 KB Akai - cd-3000-OSv2.0.zip118.73 KB Akai AX60 v1.2 EPROM Firmware.zip6.04 KB Akai AX80 (Rev I) ROM [BA84].zip5.73 KB Akai AX80 (Rev K) ROM.zip5.73 KB Akai AX80 (Rev L) ROM.zip5.73 KB Akai AX80 - CFW - (I2-K2-L2).zip70.44 KB Akai AX80 main CPU mask ROM.zip3.97 KB Akai DR8 & DR16 - OS 2.10 (0CAA).zip308.78 KB Akai MPC-2000 OS V1.zip11.16 KB Akai MPC 60 EPROM Firmware (v2.12).zip274.07 KB Akai MPC60 Panel eprom OP V1-1 2764.zip1.08 KB Akai MPC2000XL Operation (op) ROM for panel CPU [M27C256B, 0x3267].zip133.68 KB Akai MPC 3000 ROM V3.08.zip182.87 KB Akai MPC 3000 ROMs.zip406.16 KB Akai Remix 16 - Version 1.0.zip41.1 KB Akai S-2000 - Version 1.0.zip8.03 KB Akai S-2000 1.5 [5F01][27C256].zip9.31 KB Akai S612 EPROM Firmware (v1.0).zip5.44 KB Akai S612 v1.1 ROM.zip5.76 KB Akai S900 ROMs v1.2a.zip76.1 KB Akai S950 1.0a.zip33.54 KB Akai S1000 (v4.4) EPROM Firmware (FIXED).zip101.76 KB Akai S1000 2.2.zip70.53 KB Akai S3000 & S3200 OS Firmware EPROMs v2.0 (fixed).zip733.57 KB Akai S3000 (1.50).zip148.53 KB Akai S3000XL V2.0 Eprom Image.zip223.47 KB Akai S3200 V1 IS am27c010.zip70.05 KB Akai S3200 V1 MS am27c010.zip67.4 KB Akai VX600 v1.2 EPROM Firmware.zip21.22 KB Akai X7000 1.2.zip12.19 KB Akai X7000 V16.zip11.82 KB Akai_MPC-4000_OS_v171.zip1.22 MB Akai_MPC60_V1.12.zip125.17 KB Akai_MPC60_VOICE_1.0.zip2.86 KB Akai_MPC1000_OS_213.zip374 KB Akai _MPC2000_OS_172.zip162.18 KB Akai_MPC2000xl_OS_120.zip188.39 KB Akai _MPC2500_OS_v123.zip408.3 KB Akai_MPC2500_OS_v124.zip418.73 KB Akai _MPC5000_OS.bin.zip3.1 MB Akai_S-950_1.2a.zip127.16 KB Akai_cd-3000xl_OSv2.0.zip135.02 KB Akai_mpc500_OS_v131.zip280.91 KB Akai_s1100_OSv4.3.zip95.03 KB Akai_s1100ex_OSv1.36.zip85.22 KB Akai_s3000xl_OSv2.0.zip134.24 KB Akai s-3200xl - S350200.zip134.83 KB Alesis-QSR-v1.02.zip229.1 KB Alesis ADAT Black Face 4.02.zip30.02 KB Alesis D4 v1.04.zip31.01 KB Alesis DM5 v1.02.zip30.6 KB Alesis DM Pro rackmount V2.00.zip635.7 KB Alesis Datadisk_v209_eprom.zip17.16 KB Alesis HR16 V1.07.zip21.5 KB Alesis HR16 and HR16 OS and Sound EPROM Firmware (various).zip1.56 MB Alesis MIDIVerb (u51 27c128 MVOBJ 2-6-86).zip4.57 KB Alesis MIDIVerb 3 (MidiVerb iii, MidiVerb III) v100 EPROM Firmware.zip9.77 KB Alesis MIDIVerb 4 v103 EPROM Firmware.zip28.85 KB Alesis MMT8 (v1.08).zip17.81 KB Alesis MMT8 (v1.09).zip17.96 KB Alesis MMT8 (v1.11).zip18.02 KB Alesis Microverb 1 - 10-27-86 5c08.zip2.82 KB Alesis Microverb III (unknown).zip16.92 KB Alesis Midiverb3 V1.01.zip9.71 KB Alesis Midiverb IV Firmware v1.04.zip28.6 KB Alesis QS6 OS ver 1.00.zip222.63 KB Alesis S4 Plus v2.0.rar235.1 KB Alesis S4 v1.07.zip96.38 KB Alesis SR16 (v1.04) Firmware _ Sound ROMs.zip857.04 KB Alesis_MMT8_EPROM_Firmware_v110_27c256.zip18.08 KB Alesis_QS6.1_v1.01_1C56.zip233.24 KB Alesis_QS6_v2.00_F010.zip223.14 KB Alesis_QS7_v1.02_DBCC.zip231.5 KB Alesis_QS8_v1.02.zip230.85 KB Alesis_QV2_v2.01e_D9AB.zip58.76 KB Alesis_QuadraVerb+_Firmware_v2.00.zip49.34 KB Alesis_QuadraVerb+_Firmware_v2.01.zip48.02 KB Alesis_QuadraVerb+_Firmware_v2.03.zip49.39 KB Alesis_QuadraVerb_Firmware_v1.03.zip40.86 KB Alesis_QuadraVerb_Firmware_v1.07.zip41.02 KB Alesis_QuadraVerb_GT_Firmware_v1.00.zip50.71 KB Alesis_QuadraVerb_GT_Firmware_v1.03.zip51.72 KB Alesis_Quadraverb_plus_v2_02.zip49.66 KB Alesis_mmt8_v102.zip17.52 KB Anatek_Intone_SMP-16_v1.00.zip10.05 KB AppleCD-150_EPROM_v1.8g_IC303.zip274.08 KB Arp Quadra - P8048-0214 MCU.zip1000 bytes Atari Mega STE 205 ic 018-19 tms27c010.zip137.76 KB Auslese-Log_Text zu Dynacord DRP20_Host V4.0.zip31.28 KB Auslese_Log_Text zu Dynacord DRP20X_Host V4.2.zip31.28 KB BOSS_SX700_V1_02.zip221.42 KB Behringer BCF2000.zip76.6 KB Behringer DCX2496 v1.16.zip704.82 KB Behringer DCX2496_1-17_update.zip142.49 KB Behringer FCB1010.zip16.29 KB Behringer REV2496 V-Verb Pro v1.2.zip616.46 KB Behringer REV2496 Version 1.1.zip304.27 KB Behringer V-Amp 2 & Bass V-Amp.zip105.12 KB Behringer_BCR2000_ROM_v1.10_IC6.zip77.47 KB Behringer_DSP1124_V14.zip37.39 KB Behringer_FCB1010_Firmware_V2_4_1B.zip20.92 KB Behringer rev2496.zip300.95 KB Bohm DD16.zip858.37 KB Bohm Digital Drums EPROM Set with 104 blue 105 red 109 red 110 blue.zip92.67 KB Bohm Digital Drums EPROM Set with 104 green 105 black 109 110 yellow.zip92.58 KB Bohm Digital Drums IC104-107 (4x2764).zip27.67 KB Boss - DS330 - OS C1.00 R1.00.zip70.21 KB Boss SE-70 v1.01 (27C4001).rar127.06 KB Boss VF-1 v1.13 (from Roland Germany).zip473.53 KB CM Labs PM216.zip3.92 KB Casio CZ-101 EPROM Firmware.zip13.96 KB Casio CZ-230S EPROM Firmware.zip36.43 KB Casio FZ-1.zip45.43 KB Casio HT-6000 EPROM Firmware.zip29.94 KB Casio MZ [Unknown model].zip45.09 KB Casio RZ-1 ROM [OS].zip10.25 KB Casio RZ-1 Stock PCM ROMs.zip539.28 KB Casio SK-1.zip3.01 MB Casio_CZ5000_Service_Manual.zip9.43 MB Casio_MT-540_Sound_Rom_Dumps.zip576.83 KB Casio_VZ1_service_manual.zip4.24 MB Cheetah MS-6.zip16.56 KB Clavia-Nord-lead-2-v104.zip369.45 KB Control Synthesis DB9 v2.2.zip2.66 KB Crumar Bit 01.zip18.68 KB Crumar Bit 99.zip10.64 KB Crumar Bit One.zip8.48 KB Crumar_bitmmk_G3_NEC_D27256D.zip17.34 KB DKI Synergy Roms.zip19.18 KB DR BOHM DD BIN FILES IC104-IC120.zip42.08 KB DRM16 Pattern ROM.zip465 bytes DX7-V1-8.zip11.79 KB DX7_Voice_Rom2.zip4.1 KB DigiDrums - Sound ROMS.zip55.64 KB DigiTech RP 10 Version 1.8.zip109.68 KB DigiTech RP20 firmware v1.1504.zip178.55 KB Digidesign Control 24 U3-U10-U13 v108.zip58.63 KB Digitech DSP_256XL_1.08.zip24.49 KB Digitech DSP_256_1.04.zip23.79 KB Digitech DSP_256_1.05.zip560.92 KB Digitech RP3.zip31.8 KB Digitech Studio-400 firmware V2.01 (dumped by Edwrdtch).zip159.33 KB Digitech TSR-24S v2.30 (single chip version).rar158.18 KB Digitech TSR24 v1.22.zip116.52 KB Digitech TSR24 v2.02.zip81.45 KB Digitech TSR24S v2.00 (two chips version).zip182.97 KB Digitech_RP7_v1.03.zip32.96 KB Doepfer - Drehbank - v1.1_EPROM_EEPROM_Manual.zip461.23 KB Doepfer Regelwerk v170.zip20.82 KB Doepfer Regelwerk v171.zip41.29 KB Doepfer ms404 v1.01.zip2.18 KB Drawmer M500 Firmware [Main]+[Slave].zip151.87 KB Drumware - Sound ROMS.zip285.02 KB Dynachord Add One OS-2 22A.zip19.79 KB Dynachord Add One OS-2 22B.zip17.18 KB Dynacord ADS - Version 2.00.zip521.81 KB Dynacord_ADD-two_V1_13.zip67.7 KB Dynacord_ADD-two_V1_22.zip68.08 KB Dynacord_ADD-two_V2_00.zip80.48 KB Dynacord_ADS-K_V2_00.zip93.89 KB Dynacord_ADS_V1_18.zip65.12 KB Dynacord_ADS_V1_25.zip64.9 KB Dynacord_ADS_V2_00.zip93.24 KB Dynacord_DLS_300_V200.zip13.86 KB E-MU Proteus 1 XR v2.03.zip72.89 KB E-MU Vintage Keys Plus 2.00.zip108.64 KB E-Mu_ProCussion v1.01.zip62.48 KB E-mu ESI Series [ESi 2000 and 4000] v3.02 Firmware (missing low rom).zip203.55 KB E-mu Emax (ROMs, GALs, and PALs).zip287.79 KB E-mu Emulator III v2 EPROM Firmware.zip10.54 KB E-mu Planet Phatt LSB-MSB (1.01).zip140.69 KB E-mu Proteus 1 LSB-MSB (2.05).zip73.77 KB E-mu Proteus XR Firmware V2.03.zip75.15 KB E-mu Proteus XR LSB-MSB (2.0).zip710.32 KB E-mu SP12 Factory Sound ROMs.zip136.85 KB E-mu SP1200 OS Firmware ROM.zip5.05 KB E-mu Vintage Keys (v1.03).zip136.03 KB EEH DS 500 Sequencer.zip5.64 KB ELKA_Concorde_811.zip22.34 KB ELKA_OMB5.zip203.19 KB ELKA_Synthex.zip18.08 KB ELKA_Synthex_EPROM1_TMS_2516_T41.zip2.04 KB ELKA_Synthex_EPROM2_EU85_SGS-M2532.zip3.34 KB ELKA_Synthex_EPROM3_FM3_SGS-M2532.zip2.03 KB EMU-ESI-32.zip620.74 KB EMU - ESI-32_OSv2.10.zip211.32 KB EMU - ESI-4000_3.02.zip227.06 KB EMU - ESI-4000_v210.zip210.62 KB EMU-orbit9090-v2.00.zip159.93 KB EMU EMAX2 ic19 AM27C64.zip6.89 KB EMU proformance v4092.zip15.35 KB Electrospace Time Matrix OS.zip4.09 MB Elka CR-99 - Version 2.zip3.01 KB Elka Synthex EPROM.zip99.8 KB Elka_MK88-II_v1.50.zip13.07 KB Emagic Unitor8 MKII 2.04.zip18.49 KB Emax 2 93c06 standard memory.zip194 bytes Emu-carnaval-1.00.zip202.84 KB Emu Drumulator OS EPROM Firmware (v3.0).zip6.52 KB Emu Drumulator Sound EPROM Collection (not official dump, u-Law encoded recordings).zip1.34 MB Emu ESI Version 1.04 [ESI 32, 2000 and 4000].zip396.35 KB Emu Emax II serial EEPROM (93C06N, from 8 MB EMAX II).zip244 bytes Emu Emulator Boot ROMs (various, includes rare WILDCARD).zip300.57 KB Emu Emulator II (PROMs IC135 and 137).zip491 bytes Emu Emulator II Diagnostic EPROM Firmware.zip4.46 KB Emu Emulator II HD SCSI EPROM Firmware.zip5.83 KB Emu Emulator II Main and Scanner EPROM Firmware (various).zip33.99 KB Emu SP12 Turbo EPROM Firmware (v2.6).zip578.93 KB Emu SP12 debug EPROM.zip3.91 KB Emu_esi32_Firwmare3.0.zip226.91 KB Emulator 2+ not signed IC28 2764.zip9.27 KB Ensoniq ASR-10 (v1.5b) Firmware [verified checksums].zip130.81 KB Ensoniq ASR-X (v2.67) Firmware ROMs [bin and hex].zip924.31 KB Ensoniq ASR-X 1.12.zip439.41 KB Ensoniq AWP-5000 Piano EPROM Firmware (Upper _ Lower).zip38.95 KB Ensoniq DP2 EPROM Firmware (v1.00).zip102.92 KB Ensoniq DP2 v1.02 (latest OS version).rar92.74 KB Ensoniq DP4 EPROM Firmware (v1.06).zip79.98 KB Ensoniq DP4 EPROM Firmware (v1.15).zip78.39 KB Ensoniq DP Pro EPROM Firmware (v1.00).zip257.06 KB Ensoniq DP Pro EPROM Firmware (v1.10).zip268.43 KB Ensoniq EPS16+ (v1.00f).zip66.96 KB Ensoniq EPS Firmware (version unknown).zip34.87 KB Ensoniq EPS KPC2 v2.31a 27c256.zip3.61 KB Ensoniq EPS KPC2 v2.33 27c256.zip3.81 KB Ensoniq EPS KPC Version 2.01.zip9.73 KB Ensoniq EPS KPC Version 2.20.zip3.1 KB Ensoniq EPS Version 2.0.zip34.96 KB Ensoniq EPS Version 2.4.zip72.46 KB Ensoniq EPSm v2.41 firmware (EPROM) [SCSI support].zip35.26 KB Ensoniq ESQ-1 3.5 [Upper and Lower].zip38.09 KB Ensoniq ESQ-1 Version 1.7.zip32.83 KB Ensoniq ESQ-1 Version 2.2.zip34.33 KB Ensoniq ESQ1 wavhi.zip20.99 KB Ensoniq ESQ1 wavlo.zip21.07 KB Ensoniq ESQm EPROM Firmware (v1.2).zip19.83 KB Ensoniq FIZMO OS v1.10 flash update.zip446.37 KB Ensoniq KMX8 v2.00.zip2.74 KB Ensoniq KS-32 (v3.00) [bin and hex].zip273.19 KB Ensoniq KS-32 (v3.01) [bin and hex].zip273.47 KB Ensoniq KT76 (OS _ extra ROMs).zip5.16 MB Ensoniq MR61 (v2.10) Firmware _ extra ROM.zip396.43 KB Ensoniq MR61-MR76 v2.11.zip219.85 KB Ensoniq MR Rack (v1.50) Firmware _ extra ROMs.zip11.46 MB Ensoniq Mirage EPROM Firmware.zip18.78 KB Ensoniq SD1_32v-v410 (Upper _ Lower).zip97.27 KB Ensoniq SQ1 - v1.01.zip87.3 KB Ensoniq SQ1 32 voice.zip101.01 KB Ensoniq SQ1 Firmware _ extra ROMs.zip834.14 KB Ensoniq SQ80 (OS, KPC, _ sound ROMs).zip228.65 KB Ensoniq SQ80m-v1_3.zip21.03 KB Ensoniq SQ80m voice rom 020.zip181.62 KB Ensoniq SQR (SQ rack) (v1.00) Firmware.zip86.89 KB Ensoniq SQR (SQ rack) (v1.02) Firmware.zip86.22 KB Ensoniq Soundscape-20180207.zip18.71 KB Ensoniq TS10-v120.zip255.06 KB Ensoniq TS10-v305.zip274.85 KB Ensoniq TS10-v310.zip280.34 KB Ensoniq TS12-v310.zip281.36 KB Ensoniq VFX (v2.10b) Firmware _ extra ROMs.zip1.31 MB Ensoniq VFX KPC2 v2.22 27c256.zip3.31 KB Ensoniq VFX SD (v2.00) OS ROMs and KPC (v2.33) ROM [verified checksums].zip83.08 KB EnsoniqZRv300.zip227.41 KB Ensoniq_MR_RACK_1.53.zip398.51 KB Ensoniq_SQ-2.zip101.74 KB Ensoniq_SQ80_1.5.0.zip43.59 KB Ensoniqts10v202.zip261.31 KB Ensoniqts12v305.zip281.2 KB Eventide H949 Roms.zip1.56 KB Eventide H3000 High Tide.zip293.38 KB Eventide H3000SE 2.16 with SV.zip138.47 KB Eventide_2016_optional_softwares_and_manuals.zip2.2 MB Eventide_H3000.zip310.54 KB Evolution-EVS1-v1.3.zip69.72 KB Evolution EVS-1 ROMs v1.4 (verified).zip69.4 KB FM3xA52F.zip3.78 KB Fairlight CMI (Q032 4x270).zip3.92 KB Fairlight CMI IIx Disks Image.zip126.3 MB Fairlight CMI IIx Roms.zip13.55 KB Fairlight Voicetracker VT-5 (rev 8).zip30.91 KB Frontier Design - Tango (20-bit) v2.43r1 Firmware.zip9.35 KB Garfield Electronics Doctor Click 2.zip251 bytes Gem RP200 version 1.02.zip304 KB Generalmusic-GEM Equinox 61 - last OS update.rar1.06 MB Generalmusic-GEM Equinox 76 - last OS update.rar1.06 MB Generalmusic-GEM Equinox 88 - last OS update.rar1.06 MB H3500_DFX.zip199.92 KB Hohner KS49midi.zip19.01 KB Hohner PK250.zip60.13 KB IBM Music Feature Card Firmware.zip18.53 KB JLCooper-MSB-Plus-Rev2-v2.01-_2732A_.zip2.91 KB JLCooper MSB Plus Rev2 v2.02 (recommended version).rar5.99 KB Jen Synx 508 - Version 1.zip3.64 KB JoMoX_AirBase99.zip61.84 KB Jomox XBase09 Firmware v2.09.zip148.89 KB KAWAI K1r v1.4.zip21.49 KB KAWAI MM-16.zip13.65 KB KAWAI SX-240 - TAUNTEK FIRMWARE.zip137.82 KB KORG 05WR-(7.1).zip851.94 KB KORG M1 IC32 D23C512.zip49.19 KB KORG PROPHECY 1.01 IC2-IC22 tms27c240.zip179.99 KB KPC2 v2.20_5336.zip3.15 KB KX firmware.zip14.44 KB Kawai-K4r-v1.2.zip30.21 KB Kawai-Q80-ROM-U3-P130A-E5DP.zip43.37 KB Kawai-Q80-ROM-U3-P130C-E5DP.zip43.06 KB Kawai ACR20.zip53.72 KB Kawai K1 Firmware V1.04 P104E.zip21.58 KB Kawai K1R MK2 V1.0.zip21.95 KB Kawai K1m 1.5 P105E.zip21.44 KB Kawai K1m version 1.1.zip21.7 KB Kawai K3 and K3m waveform and program ROMs.zip165.4 KB Kawai K4 v1.0 P206 (27C512) E5DP.rar32.5 KB Kawai K4 v1.3 P206B (27C512).rar32.66 KB Kawai K4R V1.2.zip30.06 KB Kawai K5 (1.3).zip38.2 KB Kawai K5M (1.2).zip38.18 KB Kawai KSP10 ROMs.zip368.53 KB Kawai Q80EX - KP058F.zip50.75 KB Kawai R50-R50E-R100 PCM ROM.rar911.08 KB Kawai R100 - Revision B.zip181.19 KB Kawai SX-240 ROM Firmware Binary.zip9.94 KB Kawai SX210 Firmware ROM (2P25A).zip6.83 KB Kawai SX210 Firmware ROM (Version A).zip6.83 KB Kawai_K1_ROM_V1.3_IC_U20_27C256.zip21.57 KB Kawai_K1r_v1.3.zip22.34 KB Kawai_K1r_v1.4_IC7.zip22.09 KB Kawai_K4_v1.4.zip36.73 KB Kawai_K4r_ROM_v1.4_P207C.zip36.84 KB Kawai_R100_6P13C_U18-27C256.zip9.25 KB Kawai_R100_6P14C_U16_U18-27C256.zip31.33 KB Kawai k4r V1.2.zip0 bytes Kawai k4r V1.3.zip30.21 KB Kenton ControlFreakLive.zip22.58 KB Kenton Pro dcb.zip5.66 KB Korg-707-870904-_27C256_-IC7.zip20.15 KB Korg-DW8000-EXTENDED(Musitronics-AngelCity exp).zip13.97 KB Korg-DW8000-V0713.zip11.25 KB Korg-Prophecy-v1.7.zip179.67 KB Korg 01RW (latest OS version).rar225.05 KB Korg 01Wfd-Pro-Prox_v58.zip293.56 KB Korg 01Wfd-ROM-62 (latest OS version).zip292.81 KB Korg 03RW (0.13).zip134.44 KB Korg DRV-1000 Digital Reverb 861201.zip4.53 KB Korg DSM-1 Version 13.zip78.25 KB Korg DSS-1 - Other firmware.zip59.82 KB Korg DSS-1 Firmware.zip154.81 KB Korg DSS-1 Version 31.zip54.73 KB Korg DSS-1 Version 34.zip96.62 KB Korg DSS-1 Version 36.zip54.84 KB Korg DW-8000 OS v12.zip11.25 KB Korg DW6000 (840905 -840805).zip10.88 KB Korg DW8000 1.3 AT27C128.zip11.27 KB Korg DW8000 1.3 AT27c512r.zip11.83 KB Korg ES-1 All Blank Reset [Bank].zip1020.23 KB Korg EX-800 (unknown).zip6.08 KB Korg Electribe ES-1 MK1 Factory Reset [Bank].zip1016.7 KB Korg Electribe ES-1 mki (MK1, plastic face) Firmware v1.04.zip9.43


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