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Lex Stern M.d. [NEW]

The wreck of Lexington was found, 4 March 2018, at the bottom of the Coral Sea, two miles below the surface and about 500 miles off the eastern coast of Australia, by billionaire-turned-explorer Paul Allen's R/V Petrel.

lex stern m.d.


Vertical aerial photograph of Ford Island, taken 10 November 1941, with five battleships tied up along "Battleship Row" at the top of the image. USS Lexington (CV-2), a seaplane tender and a light cruiser are moored on the island's other (northwestern) side. Approximately 21 PBY patrol planes are parked at the Naval Air Station's seaplane base,in the upper right. The bright diagonal line, at the lower left end of Ford Island, points to the north.

Edward G. Keating joined CBO in January 2017 as the Deputy Director of the National Security Division. Before coming to CBO, he worked for 24 years as an economist at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California. His research at RAND focused on helping government agencies, especially the Department of Defense, make cost-effective decisions; specific areas of research included the effects of aging on aircraft, when and whether to repair or replace military hardware, how the Department of Defense should structure its internal transfer pricing, military and civilian compensation policies, how the Forest Service should structure its aerial firefighting fleet, and the effects of government spending on economic development. He has published widely in RAND publications and in professional and trade journals. He earned a Ph.D. in economic analysis and policy from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a B.A. in mathematical methods in the social sciences and economics from Northwestern University. 350c69d7ab


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